Terms and Conditions

Please appreciate that we have to charge for wasted journeys.

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Please try to let us know at the earliest opportunity if you are delayed or your travel arrangements have changed. Our drivers will attempt to keep themselves informed as to your situation through the relevant airline and airport apps, providing that the current information is available. However, neither we, nor the driver, can be held responsible for any major changes in your journey’s plans.

We will plan your journey(s) with great care and consideration as to the time of day and date of your travel, taking into account peak traffic times and any ongoing roadworks. We will advise you of the best time to depart to ensure arrival at the required time. However, this is only ever advisory. We cannot be held responsible for any unseen traffic delays, accidents, road closures, or poor/extreme weather conditions, or any other events that may affect your journey time. The journey will still be chargeable regardless of arrival time at your destination.

If travelling by plane, on your return journey our driver will aim to be in the arrival hall from 45 minutes after you land. If no contact has been made, we would advise that both parties wait by the prearranged meeting point. Approaching your landing time, we ask our drivers to send a text to the contact mobile that you have given us. This will explain his current status and confirm his name and contact number for you to make contact. Therefore, please ensure that, at the earliest opportunity after landing, you switch on your mobile phone and respond to the text received from the driver, so that both parties are aware of each other’s situation. In most cases, the driver will be parked close to the terminal and will time his arrival in the arrivals hall to coincide with yours. This will keep the parking charges to a minimum, as the cost of parking is only covered for the first hour and any additional charges will be passed on to the customer.

If there is no contact between the travelling party and the driver/office within 90 mins of the plane landing, the driver will leave the airport! Once again, please ensure you turn your mobile on at the earliest opportunity, and that you have the correct mobile with you. If you intend to use your mobile abroad, don't forget your charger.

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